33nd edition: September 14 and 15, 2019

You can download a pdf here after September the 3d. All the monuments that are open in the weekend of Open Monumentendag Delft can be found in our programm booklet and on this site. You can visit all the listed properties for free. Except Royal Delft; you can visit a part of the factory for free. For the complete tour a reduced entrance price is asked. You can pick up the paper version of the programm during the weekend in Het Stadhuis, (nr 1) during opening hours. And in every monument. On Saturday the entrance of Het Stadhuis is at te back, because of the Taptoe, a musical event at De Markt. On Sunday you can enter via the official entrance at De Markt. Inside many of the opened monuments there is music, story telling (Dutch spoken) and poetry. The timetable of each activity is mentioned next to every monument on this site. There are also activities outside the opened monuments. They are described on the page activities.