Bacinol 2

Productie proces van de Braat ramen.
Toen Bacinol nog Braat Fabriek was
Dakterras in de tijd van de Braat Fabriek
Glas-in-loodraam, ontworpen door De Stijl-kunstenaar Vilmosz Huszár
  • Sunday
    12.00 - 17.00
  • Accessible for disabled
  • Bacinol 2 Hooikade 13 2627 AB Delft
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Former office building of Royal F.W. Braat N.V. (1932). The company produced metal products for the construction industry and is known, among other things, for its steel window frames. Architect Jan de Bie Leuveling Tjeenk designed this large office building, needless to say, with steel window frames. Stained-glass window in stairwell, designed by De Stijl-artist Vilmosz Huszár. Nowadays, Bacinol 2 is a hub for artists, designers, and photographers, and houses café-restaurant Huszár. It is also (again) used as an office by Braat glass constructions.


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