Begraafplaats Jaffa

  • Sunday
    12.00 - 17.00
  • Partially accessible for disabled
    Story tellers
  • Begraafplaats Jaffa Jaffalaan 10 2628 BX Delft
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Public cemetery Jaffa was founded on private initiative in 1868. Municipal cemetery since 1874, after closure of old cemetery at Haagpoort (Kalverbos). Designed by Cornelis de Bruyn Kops, who also designed administrator’s house at entrance, with its plastered gable in Classicist style. Oldest part contains several old slabs, and monuments of prominent Delft citizens. Site was expanded considerably in 1930 with assembly hall in Expressionist style designed by Delft architect Gerriet Gebben. Former administrator’s house is now in use as Familiehuis Jaffa, used for small-scale ceremonies.