Delftse Molen De Roos

Molen op stalen paaltjes tijdens aanleg tunnel.
Wiekenkruis en baard
Profiel van Delft Noordelijk deel
Kap bovenwiel bovenas. Foto: Esther De Cuijper
Geopend steenkoppel. Foto: Heero Pol
  • Saturday
    10.00 uur - 17.00 uur *
    12.00 - 17.00 uur *
  • Partially accessible for disabled
    Interesting for children
    Musical program
    Story tellers
  • Delftse Molen De Roos Phoenixstraat 112 2611 AK Delft
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* Mill is closed to new visitors after 4.30 pm. 

Originally, there were eighteen mills around Delft. Only this one remains. This fully functioning corn mill was built on the city ramparts. Originally a wooden post mill, it was replaced in 1679 by a hollow post mill supported by a masonry hexagonal base. The miller's house was added in 1728; the mill’s sub-structure was elevated simultaneously. Around 1760, the current round stone upper structure was realised. In 2022, De Roos received several historic millstones found during work around the construction of the underground railway tunnel. 

See also film below this sound fragment