Waalse Kerk

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  • Waalse Kerk Sint-Agathaplein 1 2611 HR Delft

NOTE: Nowadays this space is used as a ticket office and shop for Museum Prinsenhof.
The pulpit, tomb and organ are still on display.

Eastern part of the 15th-century chapel of the former St Agatha’s Convent (now Museum Prinsenhof Delft). Court chapel of the court of William of Orange. From 1585 to 2014 it was used by the Walloon Reformed Church. In a vault below the choir, there is a monumental tomb with a large impessive gravestone of Don Emanuel of Portugal (†1666), who was married to Emilia, daughter of William of Orange,  and lived at the Prinsenhof.
The exterior at the Oude Delft was renovated in 1775. Additional restoration was done during 1950-1960.
Pulpit in Louis XVI style, end 18th century. Organ (1869) built by Fritz Witte. Beautiful late-Gothic vault in sacristy on the side of Oude Delft.




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